PBX Package Comparison

Features Starter Business Corporate Enterprise
Extensions 5 10 30 200
Call Channel 2 4 6 10
IVR 1 2 10 Unlimited
Call Monitoring No No Yes Yes
Voice Massage to Email No No Yes Yes
Call Charge 0.50 TK / Min (VAT Excluded) 0.45 TK / Min (VAT Excluded) 0.45 TK / Min (VAT Excluded) 0.40 TK / Min (VAT Excluded)
Price 995 TK / Month 1495 TK / Month 2995 TK / Month 4995 TK / Month
Action Purchase Now Purchase Now Purchase Now Purchase Now

What You Get In Starter Package

starter package

The Alpha PBX Starter bundle is appropriate for individuals or small companies. You may receive up to 5 IP extensions, which is ideal for your business. You get dual call channels with the starting plan, which means you can make two outgoing phone calls at the same time. A single IVR will be extremely beneficial to your company.

You may also use call monitoring, voice message to email, group calls, call blocking, call forwarding, and many more functions. Try our starter bundle now and experience a continuous, trouble-free pbx solution for your company.

Required Documents to Purchase PBX Package

Copy of NID Card

Copy both sides of your national identity card well, the writing should be clear.

Passport Size Picture

Your recent passport size photograph. Your appearance should be well understood.


Company Trade License Copy

Copy of your Company Trade License is optional, if you have a trade license

High Value Features

PBX Starter Package Includes


5 IP Extensions

With this starter package, you can setup 5 VOIP extension or physical extension which is great for small business and small team members. Connect your small team like 4 to 5 person in a single IP Number very easily. Pay small amount and manage your whole team with Alpha PBX.

2 Call Channel

Get 2 Call Channels on Alpha PBX starter package. Your IP number can get unlimited phone calls from any number. But you can make 2 phone calls at a time outside of your network area.


IVR systems allow you to record customized greetings and prompts for a personalized customer experience. Improve customer experience by using an IVR for your business. In starter package, you will get a single IVR setup which is just fine for any small to medium business.

Call Monitoring

With call monitoring you can coach your staff on the spot and guide the call so that no opportunity is missed. Also, you can record calls and play them again later. In starter package, call monitoring is not supported.
voice mail

Voice Message to Email

Voice Message to Email feature can make you and your team more responsive, flexible, and available to customers and prospects. The recipient is then able to download the file right from their email and play it using a media player on their smartphone or PC. In starter package, voice message to email is not supported.

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