Features & Price Of IP Telephony System



IP Number (0961382XXXX)




One Time Charge

BDT 1000/-


Talk Time Duration

Minimum Six (6) Month

BDT 500/-





ip phone

IP Phone to IP Phone


IP Phone to CellPhone/GSM

BDT .50 / seconds pulse

IP Phone to BTCL

BDT .50 / seconds pulse

No Monthly Cost, No Binding.

15% Govt. Service Charge Applicable with Call Tariff.

Required Documents to Purchase PBX Package

Copy of NID Card

Copy both sides of your national identity card well, the writing should be clear.

Passport Size Picture

Your recent passport size photograph. Your appearance should be well understood.


Company Trade License Copy

Copy of your Company Trade License is optional, if you have a trade license

Cloud PBX

Features & Benefits of Cloud PBX Telephone System

Virtual Receptionist

A full-time receptionist is no longer needed. With the Virtual Receptionist feature, you can integrate a consistent automated voice for your brand and never miss a lead.

Call Forwarding

Get Handy Feature to manage business calls easily. If your extension is busy or not available you can transfer or forward your business call to our personal mobile or home phones.

Call Routing

Multiply Profits rapidly with intelligent call routing. You can customize routing patterns based on various factors to ensure every call reaches the right destination.

Call Conferencing

Get a fast flexible, secured, and quality solution to connect any number to team members on the same voice call anywhere, anytime. Internally it’s totally free of cost.

Call Transferring

Delivery the best solutions to all your callers, with call transfer features. You can easily transfer an ongoing call to other departments/agent. The client will more satisfy.

Voice Message

After Business hours you can give the opportunity to your caller to record their voice. Caller Can leave a voice Message & you can listen to it through your dashboard or we can transfer this voice message to your email address.

Multiple IVR

You can use multiple IVR (Interactive Voice Response) for your business. Several Greetings, Off day information, Special day & Special Offer information voice recording will available for your business.

Call Recording

Ensure you never miss out on critical information on any business call. If you want all calls are automatically recorded and stored on the secured hard disk for later needs.

Multiple Call Attending

You can attend more than one call at a time. Your primary call channel will be (5) Five. You can call 5 People at a time or receive 5 calls at a time. You can easily increase your concurrent call channel.

Music on Hold

Build up a corporate professional image. You can customize on-hold music as the next campaign theme or brand’s tone to use it as lead building opportunity.

Call Monitoring

You can monitor your outgoing & incoming call at a time through your dashboard. It's very easy to find out your call list anytime anywhere.

Unlimited Extension

You can assign an unlimited extension. It builds your internal community stronger, also more people will attend your business call. It helps to grow your business.

Why Choose Alpha PBX


Security is a major concern for us and Alpha PBX ensures that you get all kinds of security and provide savings and flexibility for enterprises of all sizes.


Alpha PBX provides high quality and faster business phone service for companies of all sizes. Don't just wait for server setup, get the pbx same day that your order it.


Alpha PBX is the most reliable Hosted PBX & IP Telephone Service Provider in Bangladesh. You can rely on our pbx service options to help your business grow.

Easy to use

It's simple to use and extremely fast. Alpha PBX solutions are better for customers because they allow you to benefit from your business while also making it easier to manage PBX.

Single Dashboard

Our SSD RAID Super-Fast Server assures 24 hours of high-speed internet with power that connects your entire workforce and monitors their progress through a single dashboard.

Expert Technical Support

We have selected expert engineers to establish your IP PBX. Our expert support engineer gives you support for any kind of technical fault or other issues regarding your business phone.

Get a Free Consultation

If you need help with selecting the right solution for your business, please call us at 09613-820202 within 9:00AM- 6:30PM or you can start a live chat. We are available 24/7 via live chat.

Get a Free Consultation

If you need help with selecting the right solution for your business, please call us at 09613-820202 within 9:00AM- 9:00PM or you can start a live chat. We are available 24/7 via live chat.