Alpha PBX is an IP PBX based Business Telephone Service in Bangladesh. An IP PBX based Telephone System gives your Business a professional outlook and increases productivity. With Alpha PBX, you get a fully functional PBX and Telephone System without any up-front cost. There is no server or equipment to buy or install.

An auto-attendant/virtual receptionist is available to pick-up your calls 24x7. Multiple voice channels ensure that your calls always get through and customers never get a busy tone. Calls can be routed to multiple locations. Extensions can be forwarded to Smart Phones, Desktop PC, IP Phones or Tablets. Save on communication cost, calls to any 096xx number is always free. Calls to cell phones and landlines are only 40p/minute with per-second billing. See our Package Details from here.

Alpha PBX Do
What We Do

What We Do at Alpha PBX

Alpha PBX Goal
Our Goal

What is The Goal of Alpha PBX

Our goal is to make enterprise business communications as simple as possible by monitoring, analyzing, and enhancing their entire communication under a single central system on any device and increasing customer engagement.

IP Number

Our Approach Is Simple But Not Time-Wasting

Alpha PBX gives you an 09613 82X XXX phone number as well as a fully functional PBX system with multiple extensions. There is no need for a Data Connection or Voice/PBX Server Setup. It’s fully hosted, managed, and maintained by Alpha PBX at a state-of-the-art Data Center.

Alpha PBX
All-in Solution

What You Get From Alpha PBX

Hosted Cloud PBX

Alpha PBX offers a fully managed and hosted IP PBX Telephone system for small to medium-size businesses in Bangladesh. There is no equipment to buy or install and no setup cost.

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IP Number

An IP number benefits your business from many aspects. Connecting to customers is more then easier with IP PBX System. As long as there’s internet, you can connect with customers and team members on a standard IP phone, or on any mobile, tablet or laptop.

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Call Center Solution

Alpha PBX provide customizable call center solution. We also manage & host CRM software for call center solutions.

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Short Codes

Short code service has proven to be one of the key marketing tools among businesses nowadays as researches show that an advertisement receives more response with a short code contact in it.

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Toll Free Number

Toll Free Number is an modern telecommunication system where the caller does not pay for the call, Hence it is Tol Free for the caller.

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Why Choose Alpha PBX

Secure & Fast

Alpha PBX offers secure and faster business phone service for companies of all sizes. Security is a major concern for us and we ensure that you get all kinds of security.

Dedicated server

Our PBX is hosted on a dedicated server. It's enables your company to achieve true real-time response while reducing the risk of performance degradation due to resource sharing.


Alpha PBX is the most reliable Hosted PBX & IP Telephone Service distributor in Bangladesh. Our PBX solution can help your business grow and acquire client satisfaction.

Easy to use

You can easily access PBX via the Internet. Landline is not required for PBX setup. PBX system helps your company grow and makes it easy to manage thousands of calls.

Single Dashboard

Our SSD RAID Super-Fast Server assures 24 hours of high-speed internet with power that connects your entire workforce and monitors their progress through a single dashboard.

Expert Technical Support

We have selected expert engineers to establish your IP PBX. Our expert support engineer gives you support for any kind of technical fault or other issues regarding your business phone.

Get a Free Consultation

If you need help with selecting the right solution for your business, please call us at 09613-820202 within 9:00AM- 9:00PM or you can start a live chat. We are available 24/7 via live chat.